Passenger Elevator/Lift Tkj

Production Capacity: 100PCS/Week
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Passenger Elevator/Lift Tkj

Product Description

FUJI Elevator up-to-date product __ Low noise, vector control inverter, VVVF, which are the most important signs for modern high-quality elevator. Owing to the use of state-of-the-art IGBT, which makes the converter achieve PWM control for high carrier frequency, reduces the noise of motor greatly, and it has small power consumption and long service life. In order to meet the needs of modern society, at the same time, in consideration of human physical limit, FUJI elevator uses microprocessor for obtaining optimal operation line, provides with very comfortable and table operation, all these are the result of high technology, and it can send the passenger to a high-rise building comfortably and quickly!

Control system and design style
(1)Control system
Double 32-bit CPU control

Within every running speed range, the system use double 32-bit digital parallel CPU to process digital signal and motor's magnetic flux calculation with high speed. The system has torque offset function for compensating the change of load, digitized automatic speed regulator ASR system and unique FUJI speed detection circuit, and it has realized state-of-the-art high-precision speed control (the precision is ± 0.01‰ Of maximum speed, and the distinguish ability is ± 0.005‰ Of maximum speed). FUJI up-to-date online self-tuning technology has automatic compensation function for rated parameters according to the change of temperature. Thus the elevator can keep high-precision and high-reliability control for long-term operation and under the environment with temperature fluctuation.

(2)Human-Machine Exchange System
Car signal device Hall signal device

Car operation panel buttons and floor-station call buttons are designed according to man-human engineering theory, which have good feeling of hand touch. You just need touch the button softly and it will send control command. The DOT-matrix display can indicate all numbers and symbols to be needed clearly.

(3)Car design
FUJI Elevator's concept of "human-oriented" combines with unique design, lovely ornament, and intelligent setoff. FUJI Elevator studies on the relation between vision, audition, touch sensation and human, and reaches harmonic unification of use function and esthetic feeling in a relatively-enclosed space. All these are expressions of human natures, and thus meet the needs that human pursue for a comfortable and unique living environment. All these reflect that FUJI Elevator dedicates itself to looking for ways to show its respect for human natures.

(4)Handrail Design
The handrail, which is easy to ride and has elegant appearance, make the car more beautiful.

(5)Car roof design
Standard Function and Optional Function

Standard Function

Optional Function

1, Full selective control

1, Peak dispatch function

2, Double 32-bit micro processor IGBT VVVF

2, Audio broadcasting

3, Door safety shoe protection and door light curtain protection

3, Second power supply control function

4, Safety operation protection function

4, Automatic stop for non-safety failure

5, Door variable-frequency control

5, Fire-fighting collective control

6, Car roof and machine room repair

6, Camera monitoring function

7, Fan and lighting automatic control energy-saving device

7, Basic anti-nuisance function

8, Car emergency lighting for power off

8, Double complete anti-nuisance function

9, Emergency lighting for no startup during overload

9, Cancel wrong calling function

10, Door switch button

10, Full automatic group control

11, Car bell

11, Double-exchange home landing function

12, Landing door and car direction display and digital position display

12, Non-stop floor station preset function

13, Answer car-calling registration

13, Emergency power supply

14, Full load bypass

14, Power-off emergency function

15, Internal selection priority service

15, Monitoring screen device

16, Independent service

16, Camera-intercom monitoring system

17, Service with/without driver

17, Elevator Blackbox functio

18, Automatic home landing

18, Operation status display

19, Forced door closing

19, Remote network monitoring device

20, Stop gong

20, Electrical energy automatic feedback power saving device

21, Door check device and door motor protection device

21, Car temperature-regulating device

22, Fire fighting service function

22, Fingerprint floor selection system

23, Reserved position for monitoring line

23, Smart card floor selection system

24, Standard floor call waiting

24, Password calling service

25, Intercom rescue

25, Emergency return for earthquake

26, Adjusting door opening and door closing time by automatic variable frequency

26, Special function for ground operation

27, Self-learning function

27, Switch delay button

28, Power-on releveling function

28, Passenger heat-detection device

29, Automatic door-closing torque adjustment

29, Elevator running function adjusted by car operating panel manually


30, Background Music


31, VIP Service Function


32, Ultrasonic wave door-senso


33, Passenger peak service function


34, Car operation bracket-pane

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